Budget Travel Ideas When Visiting Alaska

Budget Travel Ideas When Visiting Alaska

Budget Travel Ideas When Visiting Alaska. Alaska, the land of snow. Nobody denies the beauty of Alaska when it comes to winter. The fast white and pristine scenery gives a majestic experience that you won’t be able to forget.

Though, many people think that you need a huge sum on your pocket to enjoy an adventure in Alaska. Obviously, if you want to see the land from an airplane as many Instagrammers do, you need the money for it. But, there are so many other cool things you can do in Alaska that won’t cost you your mortgage.

  1. Dog Sledding Alaska

Budget Travel Ideas When Visiting Alaska
Dog Sledding Alaska

Don’t skip the dog sledding tours. The historical traditional transportation is truly one of the fun activities in Alaska that you won’t find anywhere else. Some even go as far as saying dog sledding is the only reason they visit Alaska. This tour will be an exhilarating experience to have, especially if you do it with family.

The cold breeze that runs past you as you glide through the snow creates sensation any other. Aside from the amazing scenery, the adorable dogs with their panting and barking make it even more unforgettable.

You can have adventurous through the terrain in dog sledding Alaska tours at a relatively affordable price. Price may vary from each tour, but consider choosing one of the tours from Denali. The price of them isn’t as high as in Anchorage.

  1. Flattop Mountain Trail

Budget Travel Ideas When Visiting Alaska
Flattop Mountain Trail

Known as the most hiked trail in Anchorage, Flattop Mountain is a friendly trail to choose if you’re a new hiker. This trail offers a great choice for those of you who want to experience standing in the high land of Alaska and looking at the stunning views that it gives.

Not only will the surrounding mountain ranges captivate your eyes, but the contrast Anchorage city buildings also complement the scenery beautifully. You can have this view for only $5 for parking, and you can also take the shuttle for round trip transport to the mountain for $23.

  1. Eagle River Nature Center

Budget Travel Ideas When Visiting Alaska
Eagle River Nature Center

For an experience you only get in Alaska, Eagle River Nature Center offers you a gorgeous glacier-carved valley with a cheap price tag. You can visit the nature center all year long and book tours there to get the best journey.

They offer a weekly interpretive program and guided nature walks that you can take, even if you go in summer. In this walks, you can stumble upon the wildlife of Alaska such as brown and black beats, moose, beavers, etc. The best thing about it is that it only cost you $5 for parking.

  1. Ghost Tours of Anchorage

Are you a fan of murder mysteries, ghosts, and conspiracy theories? Ghost tours of Anchorage offer you just enough to get yourself excited. You will be guided through some of the most iconic buildings filled with tales of spirits and ghost stories.

The unique 90-minute tour will haunt you forever and you’ll never look at Anchorage the same way again. Rick Goodfellow is a tour guide that will personally take you to the journey of 2.5 miles walking with only $15 for an admission fee.

Four activities travel ideas above are great examples of how you can enjoy your vacation in Alaska without breaking your bank account. You should take the dog sledding Alaska for a unique and unforgettable experience, and also the other three if you have more time to spare! Budget Travel Ideas When Visiting Alaska.